Why should you learn to meditate?

So, you’re stressed, not coping at work or at home, maybe your blood pressure has gone up, and your friend tells you to meditate, it worked for them. Someone at work tells you how much better they are feeling since they started meditating, and suggests you give it a go. You hear about it all the time, but why should you meditate? Meditation has been documented since the 5th and 6th century BCE, finding its beginnings in Taoism and Buddhism. In the Western world, meditation has been something that used to be for hippies or alternatives, or a form of Christian prayer, but long ago made its way into the mainstream. There’s quite a lot of research to back up claims that meditation is “good for y

A guide to surviving Facebook with your soul intact

“It is a great way to communicate with people that you don't get to see, to get events and a message out there.” “It is very easy to take things the wrong way, which can be hurtful.” “[What bothers me about facebook] is family trolling me, people unfollowing me, people telling me how I should use my personal profile” (Comments from various people who responded to a question about issues with facebook) When asked how they feel about social media, most people responded in a positive way, but many people have their doubts, and many more find social media to be a minefield, where random strangers or close family can troll you, people don’t filter their language or thoughts, and don’t consider ho

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