Transpersonal Art therapy helps you to express unconscious thoughts, ideas and dreams, and to make decisions that are important for you.


  • A greater understanding of issues you are facing, a feeling of peace.

  • Taking the focus from recounting sometimes difficult experiences, placing the emphasis instead on how to progress from where you are to where you want to be.

  • Cut through the noise of your mind and go straight to the intuitive part of your brain.

  • Increased confidence, a feeling of general wellbeing and balance, and being in-tune with oneself.

  • Using creative tools to get in tune with your inner wisdom.

  • Learn about identifying feelings, how to express yourself, improve self-esteem, and gain some insight into what is going on for you.



In both individual and group sessions you will use art materials (clay, paint, charcoal, pastels, textas, masks, etc.) in a pressure free way, with no emphasis on skills or techniques. You will take a journey through your inner landscape to learn about what you need to continue your story, find ways of healing mental health issues, work through trauma, or finding answers without getting stuck on other people's agendas. Meditation, guided imagery, stories, discussion, music, movement, and other modalities are also used during the session. Essentially, Transpersonal art therapy is about meaning-making, rather than the creation of a finished an artwork.



I offer counselling sessions as an alternative, or in addition to art therapy. These sessions will include focussed psychological strategies, such as Interpersonal Therapy, meditation techniques, behaviour modification, skills training, cognitive interventions, etc., with the emphasis being on what works for you.


Group sessions on various themes will be on offer from time to time to enhance the one-on-one experience. Group sessions build on individual work, or can be taken as a one-off. Sharing personal stories within groups is an individual choice, although it can be an important part of personal development process. Join our email list for the latest information, click on the Contact Us button and type "join email list" in the subject line.


If you find it helpful, it can be good practice to write down your dreams in a journal and bring them along to sessions. Dreams can help you to consolidate what occurs in art therapy and counselling sessions; they are also a good way of getting in touch with your inner world.



Transpersonal Art Therapy is for anyone trying to make sense of issues, find meaning in the moment, or plan for their life’s path. I specialise in working with mental health with adults, teens and children, as well as with children who have encopresis, or issues around soiling, or an autism diagnosis. Parents may be asked to be present and to sometimes participate in these art therapy sessions with children.

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